Is your neighbor’s teenage daughter running – or ruining – your social media?

The brand journalism course


We commonly see situations where small business owners look for opportunities to do their marketing on the cheap.

Especially when it comes to digital marketing on social media, small business owners will hire an intern, a high school or college student – their neighbor’s teenage daughter – to run their social media accounts. It’s an inexpensive solution, and it gets content posted on a regular and consistent basis.

The problem is that this is typically an ineffective solution.

The content doesn’t drive engagement.

Customers don’t respond.

The neighbor’s teenage daughter doesn’t know what works in terms of marketing.

Sure, the company’s social media pages have new content posted every day, but the content isn’t working.

Through brand journalism, the content you post on your website and social media is designed to build relationships with customers and potential customers. It’s authentic and compelling content that tells the story around your business.

In the Brand Journalism Course, we help small business owners understand how to produce that content and how find those stories that will drive engagement on their social media.

And it’s not hard. We know that no one is better positioned than the owner to tell those stories that will matter to the audience.

In the Brand Journalism Course, we teach small business owners just like you how to think like a publisher, so that you understand how to treat your website like a publisher would treat a magazine, how to build audience, how to entertain and inform and therefore keep your audience.

We teach you how to divide your content into separate categories that do specific things for your company and how to plan out that content to give you a clear strategy to take you through a year.

And if you still want to have your neighbor’s teenage daughter running your social media, that’s cool. Put her through the course. And in 12 weeks, she’ll have the clarity she needs to run your content marketing like a professional.

Most small business owners also are forced to become digital marketers

Compelling content

As a small business owner, you’re forced to perform a lot of functions that may be outside your wheelhouse.

You probably do a bit of bookkeeping even though you’re not an accountant. You probably do a fair amount of market research even though you’re not a researcher. You probably do a ton of personnel management even though you’re not in human resources. You probably sweep floors and clean bathrooms even though you’re not a custodial engineer.

Most small business owners also are forced to become digital marketers, even though they don’t know anything about websites, can’t stand to waste time on social media, and never got a degree in marketing.

In our business, we routinely meet with small business owners who a frustrated by their lack of traction on social media and seldom get leads from their website.

If this is the situation where you find yourself, we think the Brand Journalism Course might be the right solution for you.

The course is designed to remove the pain of content marketing. The course is designed to give you clarity in how best to use your website and social media to market your business in a way that is going to save you time and money.

Done right, a Brand Journalism marketing strategy could eliminate most of your advertising budget, freeing up those resources for other purposes. With a clear plan, you can employ a storytelling marketing strategy that doesn’t take hours every week. And with an understanding of the how and the why behind a Brand Journalism strategy, you can easily leverage your story to build deeper connections with your customers and potential customers that will build brand awareness and brand loyalty in a way no billboard ever can.

Through a Brand Journalism marketing strategy, you can give your customers and potential customers an understanding of who you are as the business owner and what your company is all about. And when people feel like they know you, it will grow your business because people want to do business with people they know.

The best part about a Brand Journalism marketing strategy is that there is no one who is better qualified to do this because no one knows your company like you know your company.

So maybe you don’t have a degree in marketing, but we can turn you into a digital marketer in 12 weeks. And when you’ve finished with the Brand Journalism Course you’ll have:

  • The tools to market your business in a way that will generate real relationships and lasting growth;
  • A vision for how to create written content and video that will lead to deeper connections with your customers and potential customers;
  • A jump on your competition that will set you apart in the marketplace;
  • A strategy for leveraging your social media and website to grow your business;
  • An understanding of why this content marketing strategy is so successful; and
  • A plan that will allow you to produce your marketing content in less than 4 hours a month.

If you are tired of trying a dozen different tactics for digital marketing that never seem to actually lead to new customers coming through your door, the Brand Journalism Course is the solution.

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My spouse handles my marketing

The Brand Journalism Course

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners to help them with marketing their business.

So many of them are operating traditional “mom and pop” businesses. Whether they’re doing retail or services businesses, business-to-consumer or business-to-business, when we first contacted the business owner what we heard repeatedly was, “You’ll have to talk to my wife, she runs the marketing for my business,” or, “My husband handles all of the marketing for our company.”

Often, when we got into it, we found out that the business started based on a passion or a talent of one spouse, and the other spouse helps out with the tasks that fall into the day-to-day operations of the business: bookkeeping, scheduling, and marketing.

We love these family-run businesses. It’s awesome to see a couple – sometimes even a couple and their children – actively running a small business. These businesses are the bedrock of the American economy, and helping these business owners is a passion for us.

For 10 years, Rob and his wife Jean shared an office at the small newspaper they owned. Jean’s title was “graphic designer,” but she performed a dozen roles inside the company. Every major decision related to the business was a joint decision.

Jean also became responsible for a significant part of the marketing of the company. But she had no background in marketing. Like with many small businesses, it was a task that needed to be handled, and Jean was the person available for handling that task.

The Brand Journalism Course is ideal for the small business where a spouse with no formal training in marketing can quickly become an expert. The course provides clarity in marketing strategies. It gives anyone the tools to produce the content that will build deeper relationships with customers and potential customers. The course can help you identify the platforms where your marketing efforts will have the biggest impact, and how best to use those platforms.

So if you’ve turned over the marketing for your business to your wife or your husband or your son or you daughter because they were the person available to do the work, but they’re feeling lost and struggling to understand how best to help you grow your business, you should give them the tools they need to do the job.

Enroll them in the Brand Journalism Course.

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The Brand Journalism Course is a real marketing plan

Brand Journalism Course


Small business is the bread and butter of the American economy, and our passion is helping small business owners discover how to use their website and social media to market their business through the filter of brand journalism.

Through brand journalism, small business owners can leverage their website and social media to build deeper connections with customers and potential customers, connections that will raise brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty.

This isn’t a gimmick for getting more likes on Facebook, and it’s not a strategy for increasing useless hits on your website.

The Brand Journalism Course is a real marketing plan that employs content marketing centered around telling the story behind your business.

Whether you own a HVAC company or a plumbing service, a law firm or a retail shop, the psychology behind the Brand Journalism Course can work for your business.

Why Does Brand Journalism Work?
Brand Journalism works because when you tell real stories about your company, your customers and potential customers will feel a stronger sense of connection to your company. You can build relationships through social media and make people feel more comfortable about spending their money with you.

Through the content you share with your customers, they will come to view you as an expert in your field. They will understand more about you and your business, your employees, your values, and the causes that are important to you.
This understanding builds brand loyalty.

And because the content is compelling and shareable, you will gain organic brand awareness. And if you are doing your job as a company in serving your customers, you will also gain organic testimonials.

Brand journalism content has a powerful impact on a company’s ability to connect and build relationships with customers and potential customers.

What About SEO?
The technology behind search engines is always improving and getting smarter. The search engine companies are dedicated to finding ways to return to you better results on the searches you perform.

The only way to make certain that your website performs the way you want it to is by creating authentic content that is going to provide people with real answers to the topics they’re searching. While the tricks of SEO change rapidly, legitimate content will always be the best way to make certain your website is showing up in search results.

And beyond that, with real content, your website will not just occupy the top spots on a search, but it will populate a search.

Here’s a real life example.
When we first started our business we said we wanted to dominate the search for “brand journalism Athens, Georgia.”
We didn’t use any SEO tricks. We didn’t pay anybody any money. We just wrote real, authentic content that talks about brand journalism the way we talk about it to our clients.

When we started, we showed up on the sixth page of a Google search. In front of us were a lot of different websites, and one of the biggest hurdles we had to overcome was that the University of Georgia, based in Athens, was occupying a great many of the searches in front of us.

But in two months we had multiple spots on the front page of Google and we populated multiple pages after the first page.

Through the Brand Journalism Course, we show you how to identify the key words people are searching for in your industry and how to use those to make sure that when they search, they find you.

a marketing plan

Can Brand Journalism Work for Any Small Business?
Every business has a story. It’s the story of how you got to where you are. It’s the story of the good you do in your community. It’s the story of how you help your customers. It’s the story of the people you work with – your employees and your vendors and your customers.

The great thing about it, too, is that every story is unique.

Every business can leverage that unique story to build relationships with customers and potential customers, and those relationships are what will grow your brand awareness and your brand loyalty. When you share useful information, when you share stories about yourself and your company, people will relate to you in a way that will lead them to make a buying decision with you.

We say all the time that people want to do business with people they know. Brand journalism is how you can reach a wider audience and let them know you.

But I Am Not a Writer
We understand that for a lot of people, writing content doesn’t come easy. That’s why we dedicate an entire module of the Brand Journalism Course to teaching you how to write. Maybe we can’t make you into the next Hemingway, but we can teach you to write like Hemingway.

But I Don’t Know Anything About Video
Again, an entire module of the Brand Journalism Course is dedicated to teaching business owners how to shoot compelling video that will get them traction on social media. For very little money, you can create videos that will engage your customers and potential customers.

I’m a Small Business Owner, I Don’t Have Any Time
As small business owners ourselves, we understand how valuable time is for you – both your time at work and your time away from work.

We designed the Brand Journalism Course in a way that anyone can apply our principles in less than four hours a month. This won’t eat into your valuable time, and if it means growing your business, then that’s time well spent.
The course itself is one hour a week for 12 weeks. When you’re done with the course, you will have the framework for creating compelling content to build your business. You’ll have clarity on what to say in your content, when to publish your content, how to write or video your content, and where to post your content.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll have clarity on why you’re creating the kinds of content you’re creating and why it will help build your business.

And the content you create won’t take you more than four hours a month. If it grows your business, that’s valuable time spent.

What if I Have Questions During the Course?
Throughout the 12 weeks of the course, we’re available through a closed Facebook group. We do live videos. You can ask us questions. We’ll respond in the live videos or on your posts. And for those 12 weeks, we’ll be there to encourage and support you as you learn how to produce brand journalism content.

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