As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of time. How much time will I have to spend implementing a brand journalism marketing strategy?

The Brand Journalism Course is designed to teach you how to market your business through a brand journalism marketing strategy in under 4 hours a month. But the strategy is an ongoing marketing plan for building long term brand awareness and brand loyalty. If you take the course, you should be dedicated to spending those 4 hours each month.

How long is the course?

The Brand Journalism Course is a 12-week course with 11 modules (one week is a homework week). Each module has 5 to 7 lessons of varying lengths. Each module is under an hour.

What form does the course take?

The course is an online video course. All modules and lessons contain video instruction.

Do I have to have a Facebook page to take the course?

We recommend people who enroll in the course to have a Facebook account. As part of the support for the course, we have a closed, secret Facebook page only for those people taking the course. In that group we will host discussions and live video where we answer your questions. A Facebook account is not mandatory to enroll in the Brand Journalism Course, but it is highly recommended as you will lose value without it.

I do not have experience in writing. Can I still be successful with a Brand Journalism marketing strategy?

An entire module in the Brand Journalism Course is dedicated to teaching the basics of writing a story that you can use in marketing your business.

I’m not much of a photographer. Is the Brand Journalism Course still for me?

An entire module of the Brand Journalism Course focuses on making you a better photographer. We give you tricks from award winning photojournalists to make you a better photographer.

I do not have experience in shooting video or in video editing. Can I still benefit from the Brand Journalism Course?

Just like with writing and photography, an entire module of the Brand Journalism Course is dedicated to instruction with video. If you have a smartphone, we can teach you to use video to market your business.

What will I get from this course?

In 12 weeks, we will teach you a strategy to leverage the story of your company and to tell that story on your website and social media. By telling your company’s story, you will be able to build real relationships with your customers and potential customers, and in doing so you will raise your brand loyalty and brand awareness.